Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Halloween Weekend

The weekend was, well, exhausting!!! Mary's mom got into town on Thursday night. I knew it would be chaos because well, Jayne my MIL is chaos. In the midst of trying to clean the house and prepare for Halloween, I totally forgot about another factor - the Georgia factor. Jayne was bringing back our psycho little dog. So far that is going as well as it could, Chloe (our Aussie) is definitely thrilled to have her little pal back.

Friday went fairly well. We all went to Cam's pre-school in the a.m. All the kids were in costume and it was ridiculously cute. All but 2 girls were some version of a princess - ADORABLE! Though of course it makes me want a daughter even more. After we took a lot of pics' and left Cam there, the rest of us headed to breakfast.
Afterwards, I got to go home with the baby while Mary went shopping with her mom :-) And in the evening on Halloween, we made cookies and went out trick-or-treating.

Pics' of our Halloween Zoo...

Cam as a gorilla - I tried to push him towards the monkey costume but he insisted on the "Goreela"

O.G. as a giraffe

the side profile is priceless...

Our attempt at a family photo...

apparently Cam and O.G. spotted some trick-or-treaters

Cam was thrilled the next morning to find that "The Great Pumpkin" came or as Cam exclaimed early in the morning, "look what my pumpkin left me". "The Great Pumpkin" takes all the candy and leaves prizes...he or rather she left a stuffed animal, a book, and a toothbrush. And this toothbrush is great because it's electric like Mom's and Mommy's toothbrushes.

We were all going to head to Salem (location of the witch trials back in the day) but the baby was fussy. The best decision I made all weekend was to stay home. I napped a bit with the baby and took a walk to get a chai. It was nice. Later in the afternoon, when everyone was home, I went out with Cam in an effort to exhaust him. Jayne also completely tunes out the children and talks and talks and talks. Hello, he's 3, he wants attention from his grandma. He's also used to my mom who gives him all the attention in the world and will color and play cars with him. Jayne, not so much, or rather not at all. Her and Mary were also trying to watch the Florida college football game which was ridiculous since they were ahead by about 35 points. Needless to say, Cam and I had fun running to the playground, running around the playground, and running back. I even went to one that was further from our house. I thought he would be worn out but he was NOT. I think that was the longest Saturday of my life.

So today the plan was to go to brunch. Luckily, Mary agreed with me and we decided not to go since we'd have to wait until 10 and well a restaurant with Mary's mom and our children - not fun. Cam was also up at about 5 a.m. with the stupid time change - I've always hated the time change but it's even worse with small children.

We ended up going into the city with 2 cars. Jayne's friend Jim was meeting her. They are currently at a hotel until Thursday which is great. I do like Mary's mom but I can only handle her in small doses. Anywho, in the city we walked around and eventually Mary and her mom left to pick up Jim. I stayed with the boys. I managed to take Cam to the playground and then we got some hotdogs for a picnic by the ducks. He also had blast feeding them. And aside from me having to tell him things over and over, he was fairly well behaved.

Now Mary's mom is at a hotel. We have plans to meet them for dinner tomorrow but I may not make it. Her friend Jim is even worse as he's never had any children or pets - so weird to live your whole life not taking care of anything or anyone. Though from being around Jayne, you'd never know she has 6 children! Maybe she spent all her kid energy raising them????


Merlot said...

They look adorable!! I hope the rest of the MIL visit goes somewhat smoothly ;-).

Stacey said...

sounds busy...baking cookies and having halloween? wow. never heard of that great pumpkin idea. i like the candy though. hehehe.

cute pictures.

Candice said...

oh yes, we baked ghosts, pumpkins and black cat cookies instead of doing a jack-o-lanterns since cam is too young for knife weilding :-)

He got to pick 3 candies and then leave the rest for the great pumpkin. it works out better than a belly ache since cam would eat ALL The candy in one sitting. he's bouncing off the walls without sugar though now the mommies have A LOT of candy to go through :-)

Melissa said...

The pictures of the kids are sooo adorable! Love their costumes. I like the great pumpkin idea! And good luck with the MIL...hehe

Tricia said...

I have never heard of the Great pumpkin unless we have told them- We do the same thing- have for years!
They exchange their candy for a small gift- works out great.