Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Lil' Piggies

The week is flying by, it seems like it was just the weekend. In O.G. news, we gave him some rice cereal which he LOVES. The boy is such a little piggy like his big bro. I'm not sure how we're going to afford food for them when they hit the teens.

Anywho, here's some cute pics...

Cam was very cute feeding him except for the fact that he wouldn't stop. LOL. He said, "it's fun to feed a baby".

He is currently at gymnastics, Mary brought him which was sweet. It was bring a friend week so he was bringing his friend A from pre-school. Oh well, off to clean something while the baby is content. Pats play tonight - I prefer Sunday day games but I'll still be flipping back and forth between Survivor and the game.

Go Pats!


john said...

love reading your blog.

littlezen said...

Aw, he's looking so cute!!

Lannette said...

Your "Lil Piggies" are adorable. I can't believe how much the baby has grown.


Tigersmoms said...

Just stumbled upon your blog...My GF and I want to start a family by donor insemination. We live north of Boston. We are having a hard time with the lack of info out there. We have found cryobanks...but how do we find a good obgyn that does IUI? IS that what we need to do first? We have already read several books and are still unsure! I'd appreciate any help you could give...It's stressful when you don't even know where to start!

Candice said...

tigersmoms -
Most lesbians in the Boston area use Fenway Health for insemination. It's kind of a process but their very lesbian friendly and usually have information nights. check out this link:
Also, there's a newer place that a lesbian midwife (a great one!) started -
Often it's easier to go through midwives to do insems as they are a bit more laid back than the typical ob-gyn.
Good luck!

Candice said...

And Lannette - good to *see you*, I hope you've been doing well. Did you take Nat'l Cert?

Candice said...

And Lannette - good to *see you*, I hope you've been doing well. Did you take Nat'l Cert?