Wednesday, August 29, 2007

McDonald's & The Tubes

Mary was a sweet pea and took the kids to McDonald's tonight. I said I'd NEVER take my kids to McD's but they absolutely love it...and plus, they're not technically my kids *I'm terrible*. Anywho, we don't exactly have perfect weather here so some days require the "inside playground".

The food from McD's I could do w/out so 1/2 the time, one of us gets a coffee & we feed them normal food later. The other 1/2 we try to at least order the happy meals with apples (instead of fries & we don't use that ridiculous caramel dip they supply - what's the point of getting apples if you're going to cover them in sugar?) and apple juice or milk (instead of a soft drink which of course they do not drink at all).

I had C1 home with me yesterday. I decided that on his play therapy days he could stay home for some one on one attention. Mary and C2 ended up getting home later than expected so C1 and I were done with each other by then but otherwise it was mostly fun. The kid just NEVER stops talking. Some of it is pretty funny but he just cannot SHUT UP.

Anywho, I have the special treat of an empty house for a bit while I get over the nausea from my HSG test today. This was NOT fun but it went way better than I expected. I think the anxiety leading up to it was far worse. I had chatted with a couple of people online who had it done & it seemed miserable. One said it was basically the worse experience of her life and the other said she couldn't finish the test because it was so painful. Needless to say, mine went off with not *too* much pain though I have felt some cramping & nausea from the iodine in my belly. Everything seems to be in working order but the actual results will come later. *fingers crossed*

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