Friday, August 31, 2007

C2 and EQUALITY *or at least a lil* in Maine

It's Friday. Where did the week go? It's definitely been jam packed.

Today, C2 had his developmental specialist appointment. She comes to the house which is nice. The agency is ridiculously slow so it's only her 2nd time here and now his problems are pretty much gone. Though she did stroke my ego by telling me that we were poster foster parents. C2 walks, talks, jumps, and one of the parents at his pre-school even told Mary he seemed "advanced". Advanced?!?!? We never thought we would hear that word and C2's name in the same sentence.

When he came to us at 26 months, he had just learned to walk so he crawled most places, he couldn't talk AT ALL aide from "goo goo ga ga" *literally* We really thought he was at least mildly retarded or had severe developmental issues because of drug exposure. Now, he's a completely different kid. It's amazing what environment can do.

Oh, and a HUGE thing happened yesterday when a judge in Maine ruled that 2 women could adopt their foster children. YAY!!!!! For details -

Enough random thoughts - on to the weekend *aaaah*

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