Friday, August 24, 2007

A Friday

Oh, my not so fun life. This morning I had coffee with Mary. The one good thing about the boys having visits with their bio mom (bm) is that we can once in a while enjoy some coffee together.

I went on my own to Sam's Club, the grocery store, Target, and Home Depot. Oy. If you told me 2 years ago this would be a typical Friday morning for me, I'd laugh in your face.

The boys normally have 2 visits/week with bm, she normally shows up to 1. This week was 3 due to a cancellation last week by the place they're at. She showed up to all 3 *shocking for us* so I'm sure we'll see the effects of them during the weekend.

They are supervised visits at a place that normally helps young mothers raise infants. As much as I like the staff (actually 2 members of the staff, the rest I dislike - too long of a story), I feel the visits shouldn't be at this particular place.

Both the boys have regression or whatever you want to call it with wanting to be babies (more C1 in a MAJOR way) and I think this time around actual babies does not help at all. I realize it's part of their development that is stunted because they didn't receive what babies need when they were babies but I feel like we see more typical "baby" behaviors after these visits. I think part of it is from seeing bm and part is seeing babies getting lots of attention and every single need met instantly.

Anywho, it's Friday - this isn't generally exciting for me because I dread the weekend but tonight we have "date night". We were gonna hit the Folk Festival here in town but it's rainy so it will prob just be dinner and drinks. Our babysitter "T" is our life saver!!!

Hopefully the weather will clear up and we'll be able to take the boys over to the festival tomorrow or Sunday.

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