Sunday, January 18, 2009

Teething and Tubing

O.G. has been in full fledged teething so there has been no rest for the weary. He's been up screaming in the night. Apparently, True Hollywood Story and Conan O'Brien help. I bring him downstairs and t.v. seems to calm him until he falls asleep. The teething tablets help but don't cure all. So it's lots and lots of drooling, chewing on everything in site and sometimes screaming bloody murder.

In other news, yesterday we went snow tubing which was super fun. My friend M was nice enough to watch O.G. so we dropped him off on our way. I thought Cam would be psyched to do something that you have to be 4 to do but per usual he was whiney. We got there, did 2 runs, and he was complaining about eating. Cam does prefer eating to pretty much anything. So we went inside to get him a grilled cheese and he was happy normal Cam, at least for a little bit :-) He did enjoy the tubing and I was surprised that he wasn't scared. Even I was and I know Mary was because she screamed bloody murder the entire way down. It was definitely a lot of fun though.

Today we planned to go to church but woke up to snow pouring from the sky. Literally, it was just pouring snow and totally unexpected. The weather report said possible flurries, not 5-6 inches of snow. So we spent the day inside by the fire. I miss the gas fireplace we had in Maine. It was easy to light, you just pressed a button the remote and it didn't smell. The smell of the fire now is disturbing and makes me nauseous.

Anywho, tomorrow Mary isn't working. Her new years resolution is to work regular hours - 9 to 5 and take holidays and weekends off. I wonder how long this will last but I'll enjoy it while it's happening. We have plans to go to the city. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


Stacey said...

that tubing looks awesome! i'm sure with time he'll come to love it. i'm jealous. i went to a place like that in quebec once and want to go again.

Candice said...

Cam ended up loving it and didn't want to leave at the end. He's just in a whiney stage so whines about EVERYTHING.