Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bored and Dirty

I miss being on vacation. I am focusing on our next vacation since we're going to try to go to Family Week in PTown this summer. The process of finding a house/condo to rent is proving more difficult than expected. It will be nice to get Cam around some families like his. There's one lesbian couple at church that have a son around his age. However, he's convinced that one of the moms is actually a dad. Go figure. I haven't been able to convince him otherwise. She's not total butch but I can see him thinking she's a "daddy".

Anywho, I've been very busy today doing nothing and being dirty. LOL. The management company is supposed to send a plumber. All the water is working in the house except our bath/shower. So weird. O.G. and Cam were able to take their bath last night but ever since I turned it off, it won't turn back on. So weird. I didn't have time to shower yesterday so I'm feeling pretty grubby. Plus, as a Pisces I'm convinced I need water to get through the day so I'm feeling unmotivated.

I'm also probably tired since Mr. Owen George was not into sleeping last night. Since we got back from vacation, we're reviving operation crib. He's not coming into our bed. However, this means hours in his room with a little baby that doesn't want to sleep but instead wants to play. I also ended up putting the bumpers on his crib. He kept smashing his head into the sides, putting his pacifier through the slots, and getting limbs caught in them. So despite the potential SIDS risk, I think he's safer with them on.

He's also teething yet again. Once his bottom teeth came in, I thought I'd have a teething break. But no such luck. He seemed fussy from it this morning so I spent most of it walking him around. I started using the Hyland's natural teething tablets over the weekend. Has anyone else in blog land tried these? Mary's cousin's wife recommended them when we were in Florida. I had seen them a few times at Whole Foods but was hesitant until I talked to someone that actually used them. They seem to work but he usually falls alseep right after eating them. They do say that children may fall asleep since they're more comfortable. Still, it scares my neurotic mother self.

Oh well, it's time to motivate since I'll have to leave in a bit to pick up Cam.

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