Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BUSY Weekend

The weekend was a whirlwind. Friday night we went to Mary's work party. With the economy the way it is, they decided to not do a nice shin dig and instead had a potluck at the office. One word: LAME! I was actually looking forward to a nice holiday party that I could get dressed up for and have a night without the kids.
Anywho, it was odd and really only Mary should have gone but she begged me to go with the kids. Cam was ridiclously shy until he started acting like a maniac towards the end. The baby was fussy since he didn't nap all day. So it was odd to say the least. One of Mary's students was drunk and seemed to be hitting on her and kept scaring both Cam and O.G. That made things even more awkward.

I survived and then had more FUN things on Saturday. *sad sarcastically* Cam's pre-school was involved with a craft fair so I helped at the table. It was a waste of 3 hours but luckily went by pretty quickly. There was an entire $11 in sales when I was there. Afterwards, I headed home and we headed out to pick up our tree. It is now up and I would say by far the worst tree we've ever picked out. I'm not sure what we were thinking but it has so many gaps. We picked it out in about 5 minutes so that was probably our problem. The room it's in is also very hot and dry.

Saturday also involved me watching the kids while Mary watched the SEC Championship game (college football). That was a little bit crazy as all Cam wanted to do was decorate and wouldn't stop touching all the ornaments and glass things. He was VERY excited since I gave him one of those little fake trees to decorate on his own. It looks totally insane but it's all his work and he loves it.

Sunday was another busy day that started with church. We some how agreed to let O.G. act as baby Jesus in their nativity scene on Christmas Eve. This will make us very late for my aunt's annual party but how I could pass up the chance for our donor baby with 2 mommies to be baby Jesus. ha! The only cooler thing would be if he was a girl baby :-)

We then headed to an open house. We're not exactly looking to buy but occasionally check out houses. There's also rumor that the feds are going to drop rates to 4-5% which would make buying a house a great deal with the already lower prices. The house was very similar to our house in Maine and brand new which was nice. However, it was kind of small and with not much of a yard. After that, we rushed home as Cam had a birthday party to attend.

That was at his gymnastics place so he had to change out of church clothes. He was SO funny and thrilled that all his friends were at gymnastics. I kept explaining to him what it was, he kept thinking it was his regular class. When we pulled up, some of his friends were arriving and he kept yelling "Look, There's E!...Look, there's D!". Apparently, me telling him that all his pre-school friends were going to be there didn't set in until he actually saw them. Needless to say, he had a blast.

Afterwards, I got home in time to watch the Pats' game. Mary took Cam to Target to pick up a gift for a gift drive. This year, we're donating to the Home for Little Wanderers (see side bar). The Home is great because they're involved with 2 causes very dear to us - foster children and GLBT youth. They actually have a home for GLBT foster kids which I think is great. So we got 2 gift certificates for general donation and then are filling one of the GLBT wish lists. We purchased a digital camera (with all the accesorries: memory card, case, etc) for one of the GLBT kids. It was nice to be able to do since we are doing well financially.

So that was the weekend - now the week is flying by too. I still have much to do to prepare for Christmas and Cam's birthday (on the 20th).

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