Monday, April 13, 2009


It's been a while so I'll try to blog while O.G.'s being entertained by the dogs. Cam is in a much needed nap after a breakdown leaving school.

O.G. update: he is CRAZY. He just constantly walks around the couch and tries to climb everything. He LOVES his jumperoo that I scored for an awesome deal on craigslist.

He also does pretty good with his new walker/car. Unfortunately for him though it's best on the carpet which we don't have much of. So as soon as he hits the hardwoods from the rug, he usually falls forward. Needless to say, he has to be safely supervised when he uses it.

Cam update: he's also CRAZY in a different way. He's a good boy but he has his moments. Sometimes he's a little angel and then he's a little devil. Lately, he's just obsessed with my Wii. He constantly asks to play video games or rather "bideo games". It's fun to be able to play with him but I don't want him on the Wii for long periods of time. And of course he flips out when I make him stop playing.

Another baby is on the horizon. Well, maybe not the horizon but some sperm has been ordered. We were happy to find that O.G.'s donor was in fact available even though the online catalog said he wasn't. Unfortunately, someone had a baby that has spina bifida through the donor. So we had to sign off on some genetic stuff. But we feel pretty confident that spinabifida is a folic acid/random issue and not a direct donor issue. Anywho, we ordered some vials for storage so at least we know when we do try that we'll be able to use the same donor.

Anywho, I'll leave you with some pics...


Lannette said...

Look at your beautiful family Candice! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I love the huge yellow egg.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Soooo...who's going to be the one lucky enough to be pregnant? Is Mary going to give it a shot?