Sunday, April 19, 2009

Babies, Playgrounds & Ponds

As far as who will carry the next baby, Mary wants that duty. And I'm fine with handing it off :-) I think it will be a little weird to not be the pregnant one since I'm more of the femme one but before we started our family, we said we each wanted to carry a baby and adopt one and we're on our way to fulfilling that. With Mary carrying the baby, we get into a little bit more complication because of her work schedule and when the best time for her to birth a child is. She wants to start trying soon but I'm trying to hold her off until O.G. turns 1 which was our original plan. That's still pretty soon considering he'll be 9 months this week. But still, I just want the majority of the Summer to be without craziness. Last Summer was so hectic (adoption, move, new baby). I want this Summer to be relaxed and not revolving around Mary being or becoming pregnant which can be stressful. Plus, I feel like 2 years apart would be ideal so if we start trying after O.G. turns 1, that will probably be the age difference.

Right now, I'm on a somewhat strict diet in efforts to lose the last of the baby weight and to TONE. Toning is way more important as my actual weight is close to my goal but my body just doesn't look the way it once did. So no eating after 7:00 p.m., less carbs, and more exercise is the name of the game :-) Now that it's nicer, I've made a pact with myself that I'll walk to Cam's school to get him in the afternoon as long as the weather is cooperative. That way, I know I'll get a bit of exercise each day especially since I can power walk there while pushing O.G. in the stroller.

Anywho, Cam gets whiny about walking home but he's fine if we stop at the playground that's a good 1/2 way point. It's nice that O.G. can enjoy some of it too and of course I get some cute photos.

Today, we were at church. We love our church and have met some cool people. Since we chat with some people, it makes the post service coffee hour more enjoyable since we can actually socialize a bit. After church, we took a drive and ended up having a picnic at Walden Pond (Thoreau's inspiration). It's a beautiful area and this is a nice time to go when the weather's decent but it's not insanely packed. Again, there were a few good photo ops...

On a random side note, I'm catching the end of "The Pregnant Man" on Discovery Health. I'm not sure what to think about this entire situation. To each their own I suppose. I only think it's weird that they welcomed so much media attention and that he decided to get pregnant again so soon. I guess the media doesn't care so much the second time around since I haven't heard much about the second pregnancy. Anywho, the baby is super cute. Oh, and how did he end up having a girl???? Geesh! My feminine a** produces a boy and his masculine a** produces a girl. What?!?! ;-) Anywho, they seem like nice people.

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