Thursday, March 12, 2009

Maine and My Monkey

I finally have some time to blog since O.G. is actually napping. The nap is taking place on me but whatever, he's asleep and it's kind of quiet except for Cam who is also napping or rather singing in his room. Whatever, at least he's in his room.

O.G. is CRAZY lately. I swear the kid is going to end up with brain damage. Just this week, I've debated taking him to the hospital three times because he pulls up on things, attempts to climb and then he falls. I try to stop him but he is on a mission. I didn't think a 7 month old would be doing the things he does. I'm also worried he's going to manage to jump out of his crib. We recently put it on the lowest setting since he was getting close to getting out. I swear, the child is part monkey.

Anywho, we were away this past weekend. We left Thursday for mid-coast Maine. This is probably my favorite area of Maine. Mary keeps trying to convince me that if we move back, we could live there. Anywho, I'm fine with visiting :-)

Mary does research involving the fishing industry so we went up for The Fisherman's Forum. Cam and I tagged along last year so I knew it was kid friendly and the resort is super nice. So we got to enjoy the resort's amenities and there was actually nice weather on Saturday. Mary skipped the conference part and we spent the day tooling around Belfast, Camden, and other cute little seaside towns.

and the monkey in action (he's getting too big)

This week we're just trying to make it through New England's schizophrenic weather. When we got home on Sunday, it was 60 degrees and we all took a walk to the grocery store. I was hot. Monday it was snowing. It's so crazy. I need Spring and I need it now!

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Lannette said...

Your boys are beautiful Candice and you look vibrant and healthy too! I'm smiling at the exploits of O.G. My youngest son, Nate was just like him. I swear he was born thinking he should be able to do what his brother could do - walk, run, jump, climb...

It got so bad that at one point the local E.D. staff knew us by name. We managed to bring him to young adulthood in one piece too and so it will be with you and O.G.

I'm predicting O.G. will be big into sports. You've got some wonderful times ahead of you so enjoy the heck of them.