Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Been a While

There just never seems to be enough time or good enough internet connection for blogging. Since you last "saw" me...

Mary had a birthday (Jan 29)

We celebrated an anniversary (Feb 12)

And I had a birthday (yest Feb 21) pics yet :-)
O.G. also turned 7 months yesterday...can you believe it???

Last week I was in Ohio visiting fam. I (all by myself) drove me and the kids there. Can you believe it? It was a bit crazy the first day. I planned to do 6 hours of the 13 hour drive but only managed about 4. O.G. was just pissed to be in the car and Cam wasn't helping matters. The next day was completely different and both boys cooperated especially Cam who everything I asked said, "yup, sure". Who is this child and can I keep him??? :-)

Anywho, we had a fun time visiting my brother's family, my mom, and sister. Cam had a blast playing with Seamus Jr. They are so similar it was funny to watch them. O.G. and Dylan are 2 months apart but SO different. O.G. is just so much more active and just silly. Dyl on the otherhand is more of a serious baby and not so active. Plus, he's huge. I think it's because he's over fed but maybe he's just big.

We were there from Friday to Friday. It was only me and the boys since Cam's school was closed and Mary had to work. I figured it would be easier for everyone since I know Mary gets irritated if we mess with her work schedule. My sister ended up driving back with me which was great since we busted out the drive in an entire day and I was able to be in the back seat with the boys most of the time.


john said...

it has been a while...
You have been tagged! Go to my blog for details!

If you have already been tagged or do not want to participate - that is fine. I just wanted you to know that I think your blog is great!

Ciara said...

Happy B-day to ya Candice! ;-)